About Southwest CARE Center

About Us

SCC aims to provide a high standard of medical care in a number of health areas. Our original campus continues to care for people living with HIV and Hepatitis C disease (HCV). This includes access to research, specialty treatments and primary care services for those living with either or both diseases. Our team of specialty care providers are experienced and able to offer the best currently available treatments and clinical trials.

Our new family medicine campus on Galisteo and Harkle Road is committed to continue our tradition of excellence but here in the field of family medicine and primary care. We are open to all ages and walks of life and offer a friendly, open, non- judgmental environment for people to get well and stay well. Included at this campus are a travel medicine clinic, a sexual health clinic and an infusion center for anyone needing intravenous therapy such as antibiotics for difficult to treat infections. Also available are rapid and anonymous HIV and HCV testing.

Our third campus is Women’s Health Services (WHS) on West Alameda. WHS has been offering primary care services to women, men and children for the past 40 years. We intend to continue this tradition of service, including all routine gynecological care and the focus on gender specific issues.

Throughout the entire spectrum of services, our goal is the same; evidence based, excellent medical care in an environment that welcomes all people regardless of age or lifestyle preferences.