"The care from southwest and womens health surpasses all other. They offer kind and knowledgeable staff and superb doctors. Thank You for guiding my journey to better health."

"It's an amazing feeling to walk into your doctor's office and be known by name every time without having to say a word. Elizabeth and Emily at the front desk are amazing young ladies."

"Paula Devitt, Bethzaida Rodriguez, and Dr. Sarah Fatland are the GREATEST providers anyone could ask for. As a diabetes patient for over 15 years, I understand the long term commitment, nutritional and daily management necessary to keep my disease under control. Paula and Beth's educational instruction for patients and follow-up care are lifesavers. We never feel shamed as struggling people with long-term illnesses and they work tirelessly to get us the services we need."

"I've been a patient for many years! My Mother, husband and friends are all patients of Terry and Kristy! We all truly appreciate how you take your time to evaluate and explain what's going on! Thank you so much! To the Medical assistants (hannah is amazing) Nurse practitioners and to Doctors for your care!"

2 months ago

by Amada Maria

| Southwest Care Center Alameda

"Wonderful health care - the providers and staff are knowledgeable, responsive, helpful and kind. This is so much better than your usual doctor's visit. I am grateful."

"I walked into the Alameda St. clinic one afternoon near closing time with a difficult and somewhat urgent problem. I am a patient at SW Care on Harkle Rd. and had once seen a gynecologist in Women's Health, but she retired. Rachel, at the front desk, was so helpful! Even though there were no openings for even a quick visit that day or the next, she went to the back and found a nurse and a midwife who were willing to stay a little later to see me. They were terrific, gave me an exam, an Rx and my problem was solved! Thanks to Rachel, especially, for going the extra mile."

"I have been a patient here for a couple of years. The staff is always friendly and welcoming. The doctors and staff always devoted a lot of time for visits, they provided me with any information I needed and explained everything for me in a nice way. I have had a good experience with nurse Hanna, she is very caring person, she is professional and a friendly staff member."

"Came in with my daughter. Elizabeth at the front desk is very helpful and made us feel welcomed. All the staff is wonderful. Making me think of switching my doctor to Southwest Care."

"Southwest care has taken care of me like no one else, from Tam to the entire staff everyone is just awesome and amazing. I never thought I would actually enjoy going to see the doctor. Lol. From labs to medication they got it all, be back in six months for my next visit. Thanks southwest care ??"

"They are the nicest people I have encountered in the medical field. They are very helpful and flexible. The pharmacy is great I've never had a problem even when having them sending my meds via the mail!! Great staff and wonderful environment!!"

"The staff treat the patients with respect and dignity, no discrimination here.AJ, Bobbie, Danielle & Dr Michelle, Carly and whomever I forgot to mention,they all treat you like a person not just a number. Mihaela is so sweet by remembering and calling by your name,awesomeness.Thank you for your hard work and kindness."

"Southwest Care has got the best staff, you know the Toby Keith song " I love this bar" , well that's how I feel about this clinic. I walk in through the front doors and immediately I'm home. They all make me and my family feel like"family". From Mihaela at the reception desk to pharmacy with Justin, Jeremy, Tiffany, then we have Mistie, AJ, Amanda, Laura, Tam, Debra(Debbie), Dr. Michelle Iandiorio,who is like the majestic matriarch of the clinic. And let's not forget the support staff the case workers Valerie and Orlando. These are the people that have gotten me past some good times and some home bad times and no matter what I would not trade them for a million dollars, now 5 or 10 million we would have to talk about that, just kidding not even for that much. They are the best and I love them all . I wouldn't even consider going any where else."

"I started going to SW CARE when I was literally close to death, and the team has been more than involved in bringing me back to life; from the woman at the front desk (i’m Sorry, but I don’t know her name) to Dr. Michelle and the pharmacy staff (Tiffany, Jeremy, Devan and Carly): I wouldn’t be here without them."

"The service and care I received at Southwest Care Center was universally outstanding, from the receptionists, to the nursing staff, to the doc. I would especially like to mention Cruz, and my physician, Dr. Chartrand-- truly exceptional providers of topnotch care. As a newcomer to Santa Fe, it is a great relief to know I have this level of medical care."

"I went in for a doctors appt quite nervous about a health issue. Doctor Stewart and the medical assistant named Hanna put me at ease, went through all my concerns, really took the time to make sure I was aware of the situation, and even joked a little to make me feel better. I went away with the information I needed and the feeling that I can always come back for wonderful service and care. Thank you South West Care!"

"Southwest CARE staff have been the most giving people I know. I have been associated with them for over 20 years, and even though the faces change---the outstanding professionalism and compassion has not. I no longer have enough fingers to count the number of caseworkers that have helped me through the process over the years, especially the State paperwork. Lynette McAllister has been my most recent, going above and beyond in making sure that all my issues are addressed. I am at ease and grateful she is my case manager. Thank you for providing caring case managers and professional pharmacy staff. Oh, and I need to also thank Mickey at the reception window.... she has always welcomed me with great service and a friendly smile! Thank you for all you do Mickey!"

"Three words--'I LOVE them'. They are wonderful. From the staff to the doctors and assistants. This place is heaven for me and wish I had started going to them years ago! My doctor is wonderful and all staff has been terrific. I have not been treated for anything serious and I am in excellent health but I have no qualms about this facility under more dire circumstances."