Colon Health For Adults Over 45

As we get older, the risk of getting colon cancer increases. Almost all cases occur in people who are 50 years or older, with no family history of the disease, and most people don’t experience symptoms early on.

If you 45 years or older, regular colon screenings are recommended for men and women. Detecting problems early has the best chance of protecting your health and wellness and the good news is that a colonoscopy may not be your only option.

The Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) is a convenient, non-invasive screening option that detects the presence of blood in your stool for potentially early signs of colon cancer. It can be performed at home and requires no special preparation or changes in diet or medication. You will receive the test in the mail, register online, collect your sample at home, and then mail it back. Physician-reviewed results are available within days. FIT tests are recommended annually for many.

Consult with your provider which screening option is best for you!

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