Es Mejor SaberĀ®


Es Mejor Saber® (It’s Better to Know) is an award winning, bilingual HIV and hepatitis C prevention campaign focusing on the importance of testing in the Latino/Hispano population of New Mexico. Its intent is to provide rapid HIV and HCV testing in this target group, reach those who are positive before their illness becomes life threatening, engage them in treatment and educate them on measures to prevent transmission.

The campaign has been praised for its creative use of graphics, public murals and print advertising. The role of Hispanics in cinema and the participation of New Mexican Folk Artists have also been used to spread the message.

In 2011, the campaign earned SCC a Piñon Award from the Santa Fe Community Foundation for Courageous Innovation.

Es Mejor Saber® is funded in part by the New Mexico Community AIDS Partnership. Any reproduction or use of the Es Mejor Saber® trademark without prior express written consent of Southwest CARE Center is prohibited.