Case Management

Case Management

Case Managers can assist you with your health care needs, money management and benefits, insurance issues, housing and nutrition assistance as well as linkage to care. The coordination and follow-up of medical treatments is another important role in medical case management. This includes treatment-adherence monitoring and education, individual service plans, and referrals if needed to ensure readiness for, and adherence to, complex treatments and medication regimens.

Case management services at SCC are a part of the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) approach to care. The MDT consists of the patient, medical provider, nurse, counselor, psychiatrist, and case manager. SCC staff maintains a commitment to patient confidentiality.

Behavioral health counseling by licensed mental-health professionals is also available. Areas of counseling may include, but are not limited to, dealing with a recent HIV diagnosis, adapting to HIV/AIDS, mental and emotional distress, relationship issues, gender identity issues, career development and workforce re-entry, trauma, substance use/abuse, and grief and loss.

Please contact a case manager today to find out what assistance programs may be available to you and what documentation is required to enroll you in SCC’s range of services.

New Mexico Department of Health HIV/AIDS Care and Services Program

The New Mexico Department of Health, Infectious Disease Bureau, has contracted with regional HIV specialty-care agencies throughout the state, and SCC is one of the providers. Case managers assist our clients with eligibility and enrollment in the program. Travel reimbursement is available for New Mexico residents who are living with HIV for travel to and from HIV-related medical, dental, social service, mental health, substance-abuse treatment and support group appointments.

Insurance Assistance

Southwest CARE Center may be able to provide funding to assist individuals with insurance premium payments and assistance with HIV-related medication co-pays through our Insurance Assistance Program (IAP).

Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS (HOPWA)

Stable housing is a key part in maintaining your health. The main focus of the housing program is to support people in moving toward independent living and financial stability or as a support for short-term, emergency assistance with housing needs during a health crisis or other unexpected situation. HOPWA is funded by the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).