Community Partnerships

SCC Community Partnerships

Existing partnerships:

1. Santa Fe Fire Department & SF City Human Services Department

A. MIHO & Connect Program

a. SCC provides the time of a pharmacist, a doctor and a social worker for a few hours a week to create an Interdisciplinary Team for the Santa Fe Fire Dept. CONNECT program. The CONNECT program provides intensive, mobile navigation services to high-utilizers of 911.

b. SF City pays for a portion of the above services

B. Response Model

a. SCC is offering a portion of a doctor’s time to do information gathering on a new response model that SFFD is piloting. This doctor will document how often people are being transported to the ER who do not need that level of care, and what level of care they do need.

b. SCC is hopeful to use this information to better direct its ability to be responsive to patients and offer walk-in services

2. Brindle Foundation & National Reach Out and Read

A. Reach Out and Read

a. Pediatrician, Dr. Kirk, initiated interest in this national program for our pediatric patients. It provides patient education and books to parents of young children.

b. Brindle Foundation is funding this program for SCC

3. Santa Fe Behavioral Health Alliance

A. Trauma Informed Service Training

a. The facilitator of the SFBHA is providing 10 free trainings to SCC’s full staff to make us a more trauma-informed provider

b. To date 20 staff have been trained from a multitude of departments. Many recommendations have been made of organizational changes we can implement to become more inclusive and sensitive to the needs of those who have experienced trauma.

4. University of New Mexico (UNM)

A. Academic Detailing

a. UNM is offering free training, support and information on best practices to our providers and staff around appropriate prescriber behavior for non-cancer patients with pain.

b. SCC will have 3 trainings totally 5 hours with CME offered to our providers

c. SCC will also have individual follow-up sessions offered to providers

d. Options will be explored to offer training to support staff

5. Santa Fe Prevention Alliance

A. Patient Education Materials on Use of Opiate

a. SCC and SFPA have worked collaboratively to produce 2 posters offering opiate education messages that will be hung in SCC clinics and pharmacy, with the hopes that other medical providers around the state will also hang these posters.

b. SFPA is paying to have the design work on the posters completed and SCC will pay for the copies of the posters that it will use.

c. These posters will be made available at the LLHS Legislative Summit on Opiates so that legislators and decision-makers across the state can have access to this information

6. Girl’s Inc

A. Cross referrals and promotion

a. The ED of Girl’s Inc, Kim Brown, and our CMO and Director of Community Engagement have met and Girl’s Inc. staff have presented about their programs to SCC’s Alameda clinic. SCC pediatricians are well versed in Girl’s Inc programing and will make referrals as needed.

b. SCC will provide clinical support on difficult cases that Girl’s Inc staff come across on a case by case basis.

7. Santa Fe Mountain Center & Santa Fe Recovery Center

A. Needle exchange & testing

a. Cooperative needle exchange program

8. Santa Fe Interfaith Shelter

A. Medical support

a. Nursing and testing support for HIV and HCV and wound care on site for drop-in and overnight shelter guests

b. Making a dinner meal to feed 100+ shelter guests

9. Railyard Urgent Care

A. Preferred Partner

a. SCC and Railyard Urgent Care (RUC) will seek to close gaps in service to their patients and the community by referring patients to RUC for needed urgent care services and giving RUC patients who lack primary care the option of using SCC for these services.

10. Santa Fe County

A. Advisory Council for Accountable Health Community (AHC) Initiative

a. SCC provides input on AHC planning and implementation including assistance with efforts to coordinate and collect data from SF County funded navigators who assess and respond to the social determinants of health.

b. Technical assistance is also given on the development of the new Crisis and Assessment Center

Community Meetings We Participate In:

Santa Fe Behavioral Health Alliance, Santa Fe Prevention Alliance, Santa Fe Opiate Safe, SF County Health Planning and Policy Committee, Advisory Panel for Santa Fe Safe

Partnerships that are in development:

1. Multi-partner walking/parks initiative – DOH, Parks and Rec, SF City, SF Conservation Trust, Railyard Parks Conservancy, CHRISTUS St. Vincent, La Familia, Presbyterian Medical Services

A. Walk with A Doc

a. Partners request SCC to participate in community partnership effort to launch a program that sees walking as a first step toward health.

2. Coming Home Connection

A. In-home volunteer project

a. Coming Home Connection & SCC are looking for grant money to hire a volunteer coordinator to train volunteers to respond to the social and medical needs of SCC patients in their homes

For questions about these partnership and/or ideas about other possible partnerships please contact the Director of Community Engagement, Kristin Carmichael, at