How to Prevent Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Prevention

  • Avoid sharing any of your needles or works with other people.  It is also recommended that you use a new needle and works every time you inject.  For new needles, works, and containers to safely dispose of syringes, please visit one of New Mexico’s syringe exchange sites.  If you cannot access a syringe exchange site, syringes can be purchased over the counter at a pharmacy without a prescription.​
  • Practice safe tattooing & piercing. Check that new, sterile needles are used for any ear or body piercing and that new, sterile needles and new inks are used for tattooing. If you are not certain the needle or ink is new and sterile, ask to have new ones opened in front of you.
  • Avoid sharing personal hygiene items. Avoid sharing razors, toothbrushes, nail clippers or any other item that may have come into contact with another person’s blood.
  • Practice standard precautions and infection control. If you are a healthcare worker, practice standard precautions which include wearing personal protective equipment, appropriately disposing of sharps and other medical biohazards, and following safe injection practices.
  • Avoid sharing snorting equipment. Avoid sharing instruments, even a straw or dollar bill, for snorting.
  • Practice Safe Sex.  Rough sex, anal sex, sexual assault, fisting, and sex while a woman is having her period carry greater risk of transmission of hepatitis C.  Use condoms or gloves when appropriate.

To discuss how you can protect yourself from hepatitis C infection, please call 855-BTR-2KNW.

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