HIV/AIDS Program and People

At SCC, our medical program offers outstanding HIV specialty and primary care. An individualized treatment plan is developed with the patient and tailored to his or her lifestyle and needs.‚Äč

  • The treatment plan emphasizes the importance of primary health care. Before beginning HIV therapy, you will talk to your provider about goals of treatment, the variety of treatment options, the importance of adherence to medication, and potential side effects.
  • The patient at SCC is responsible for participating in his or her care by communicating with members of the medical staff about his/her beliefs, needs, and concerns. Treatment plans are developed with an emphasis on wellness and prevention, with the patient key to the process.



Highly active antiretroviral drug therapy (HAART) has changed the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS, but even with the simple regimens we use today, “adherence” (taking therapy as prescribed) can still be a challenge. Non-adherence is the primary preventable cause of treatment failure, which can lead to drug resistance, illness and death from HIV disease. Studies show that adherence programs have a significant impact on patient health.