Participating in a Program

About Our Educators

Our Certified Diabetes Educator has 22 years of diabetes education and expertise.  She is dedicated to helping you manage your diabetes and live your healthiest life.

Diabetes education is not a lecture about what you can and cannot to do. It’s real-life guidance, coaching, and support, and it’s proven to help people understand how to manage their diabetes and to feel less alone while doing it.

Diabetes management equipmentOur diabetes educators:

  • Explain how certain foods affect blood sugar levels
  • Give specific directions for taking medication correctly
  • Offer guidance on how to lower the risk of diabetes-related complications.
  • Provide diabetes education in group or one-on-one settings

We also offer support through Community Health Worker visits. Our Community Health Worker is certified in diabetes education and provides outreach to both individuals and communities.  While she has provided diabetes education for over 9 years, she also walks the walk by managing her own diabetes.

We believe you are the best expert in managing your diabetes. We serve as part of your team by helping you access the tools you need.

Getting Involved

Diabetes education is recognized as a component of diabetes care, and it’s covered by most health insurance plans.  Just make sure your diabetes education is provided by a Certified Diabetes Educator and prescribed by a primary care doctor.  Your doctor will need to write a referral for diabetes education (sometimes called diabetes self-management training).

The diabetes education program is located at:

901 West Alameda, Suite 25
Santa Fe, New Mexico  87501

To make an appointment, please call (505) 988-8869.  Please send your referral to our fax at (505) 982-7321.