My Journey into Southwest Care Center

I came to Southwest Care Center in 2003. I have had several case workers and all of them have been incredible. They all took the time to know and understand my case history and work with it. I was a client of Dr. Palestine until recently and he is an incredible physician who will be missed at the clinic. Nonetheless the care level at the clinic has always been consistent and thorough. SCC continues to maintain that level of professionalism with dignity and integrity from all of its healthcare providers.
I am grateful that I continue to receive ongoing excellent care from the medical providers, pharmacy and the staff.
My experience with everyone at SCC has always been cordial, polite and professional. Always delivering the best medical care that I need and that leaves me determined to follow the advice that they provide me with. I am grateful to receive it, because I know that they have my best interest in mind. The medical staff, case workers, pharmacy staff and supportive staff have done an excellent job making sure that my medical needs and other needs are met. At all times, Southwest Care and staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

For this, I am truly grateful and appreciative that SCC has been there as a friend for me. To Southwest Care I want to say thank you.