Community Pharmacy Residency Postgraduate Year One (PGY1)


The PGY1 community-based Pharmacy Residency offered at Southwest Care in Albuquerque, New Mexico provides pharmacists clinical and administrative experience. Its specific focus is to develop innovators, leaders, and mentors who have a genuine desire and requisite perseverance to serve culturally-diverse and underserved populations via team-based practice models. Participants are developed to obtain positions as a clinical pharmacist or pharmacy manager in community or ambulatory healthcare settings, continue education in a PGY2 residency or professional certificate program, or to pursue a clinical faculty position in an outpatient healthcare setting.

The program is designed according to the competency areas, goals, and objectives established by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and in partnership with the American Pharmacist Association (APhA) for PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Programs.


Residents gain a culturally and socioeconomically diverse experience through their involvement in direct patient care, pharmacy management, education of patient and healthcare professional, leadership of interdisciplinary teams, professional writing, and public health issues. Specific skill development includes:

  • Navigating a diverse patient population
  • Developing and expanding clinical services
  • Managing pharmacy administration and staffing
  • Educating patients and healthcare staff on safe and appropriate medication use
  • Managing a healthcare professional’s development program
  • Addressing the evolving challenges of the pharmacy profession through participation in professional organizations

Each learning experience has specific goals and activities that are detailed in their respective descriptions in PharmAcademic®. Residents receive preceptor feedback throughout the residency year. The program is flexible to allow for individualization based on the resident’s specific interests. Residents are expected to achieve all required goals and objectives by the end of the residency and submit a manuscript for publication.


  • Disease State Management and Prevention/Education (DSM/E I & II), including Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Smoking Cessation, HIV, and Hepatitis C
  • PrEP/PEP clinic
  • Quality, including
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
  • Uniform Data System (UDS) Reporting
  • Transitions of Care
  • Patient Monitoring Program
  • EQUIPP Scores


  • Staffing skills developed in a community health center pharmacy
  • Serve as Pharmacist-in-charge at least once per quarter
  • Participate in staff meetings and annual inventory


  • Develop new clinical pharmacy protocols and update existing protocols
  • Participation & leadership in various clinic meetings
  • Policy & Procedure review and updates
  • Operations management (e.g., budget, personnel issues, business plan)
  • Conduct quality improvement projects


  • Complete a year-long research project in advancing pharmacy services
  • Apply for small pharmacy grant(s), submit for a national poster presentation, complete a manuscript


  • Earn a teaching certificate through the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy
  • Co-precept students
  • Participate in interprofessional education


  • Travel Medicine
  • Pain Management
  • Clinical Informatics


The Southwest Care Center (SCC) mission is to improve the health of people living in the culturally diverse communities of New Mexico through access to the highest quality health care, education, research, and advocacy. Southwest Care created the first community-based pharmacy residency program in New Mexico with the desire to offer a unique residency experience in culturally diverse clinic environments with an embedded community pharmacy.


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