Southwest CARE Center (SCC) has the leading HIV research program in New Mexico.

SCC started out in the field of research at a period when options were limited in the treatment of HIV. In November of 1994, through a compassionate-treatment lottery, individuals were selected to receive one of the first Protease Inhibitors – Indinavir. At that time we were the AIDS Wellness Program and among the first to be a part of this historic turn in the fight against HIV. A new era in HIV treatment emerged, and what was once a fatal disease had now effectively become a manageable illness. The introduction of a Protease Inhibitor paved the way for the continued research and development of more efficacious and better tolerated drugs and we have continued to dedicate our resources to assisting in these developments so that our patients may be given the best opportunity at a normal life span.

Two principles underpin our research program:

  1. The research must provide an option or options for treating our patients which is otherwise unavailable.
  2. The research must significantly add to the body of knowledge of preevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Unless we are certain that one or the other of these principles has been met, we do not proceed with a research protocol.