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Why is Geriatric Care So Important

As we age, our bodies and our health change, and it becomes more important to work with a medical provider who understands preventative care as well as the complexities of various diseases and medications and how they can affect older individuals differently. At Southwest Care Center, we want to know what your health goals are – whether they are to run a 5K or just make sure you can enjoy time with your grandchildren. Southwest Care Center has providers who specialize in the treatment of older adults and are uniquely qualified to tailor care to the goals and needs of each patient.

Southwest Care Center’s geriatric healthcare team doesn’t just treat your medical conditions, they take a whole-person approach to senior wellness. This means that the team will evaluate past illnesses, current health conditions as well as your emotional wellness and safety of your environment to tailor a healthy aging plan that’s customized for you.

Southwest Care Center offers geriatric primary care at our Galisteo Clinic, located in Santa Fe.

If you believe like we do that seniors deserve to have specialized healthcare specifically designed to suit their needs, please call us to set up an appointment at (505) 988-8869.

We have created the opportunity for telemedicine visits.

Why Not Just Use Urgent Care?

Unfortunately, many seniors rely on urgent care centers to treat their health needs. While Urgent Care can provide convenience, you may be seen by a doctor you have never seen before, has no relationship with you and who doesn’t know your medical history. This can be dangerous, particularly for seniors with existing or chronic medical conditions that require the oversight and coordination of one healthcare provider.

You do not have to go to an urgent care center to have access to convenient healthcare. At Southwest Care Center, we offer many same-day appointments and have a skilled nursing team who can assist in answering your questions and helping you receive the level of care you may need. We score in the top 5% of clinics nationally on our ability to see patients within 15 minutes of their arrival. We can provide convenience and all the benefits of continuity of care for you and the whole family through our commitment to geriatric and primary care medicine.

What to Expect at Your Southwest Care Center Geriatric Visit

Geriatric visits are very common, and we do them every day. That being said, we know a visit to the doctor can come with some anxiety or at least some questions about what a patient can expect during their visits. We want you to be as comfortable as possible while you are a guest at our clinics. Below is a description of what a checkup visit looks like at Southwest Care Center.

When you come to a Southwest Care Center clinic you will be asked to fill out some paperwork. This can be time consuming but is necessary for us to have the information we need to best serve you. We are very successful at keeping our wait times short and rank in the top 95% of other medical clinics on this measure. Once it is time for your visit, a nurse or medical assistant will call you back to one of our exam rooms. The nurse or medical assistant will ask you questions, record information, and check your vitals. Once your provider comes to see you, he or she will discuss your risks and concerns with you to determine which next steps are most appropriate.

Important Information about Geriatric Medicine

Annual Wellness Visits

It is important to see one of our geriatric physicians once a year, especially as you get older. An annual wellness visit is a preventive visit that focuses on keeping you well. During your annual checkup, your provider will take time to get to know you and your lifestyle, as well as any health goals, and he or she will work with you to make recommendations for indicated preventive tests to help you reach your personal health milestones.

Physical Examinations

What is a physical exam and what’s involved? Learn about annual physical exams and the benefits of routine physical exams from Southwest Care Center, whose skilled physicians and clinicians are dedicated to improving the health of our community.


A review of your recommended immunizations is an important component of your Annual Wellness Visit. Some recommended immunizations are administered in our clinic and others are administered in a pharmacy. We recommend an annual flu vaccine (immunization) for all patients who qualify.

For the finest Geriatric care, please call and schedule an appointment at (505) 988-8869.