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HIV Treatment

Compassion and a Reputation for Excellence

Southwest Care Center has earned a national and international reputation for offering the finest care and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS. Our founder, Trevor Hawkins, began providing care for those affected by HIV in 1996. We are the site of important research moving the treatment of HIV forward and can offer placement in clinical trials for our patients. We have also been designated as a Federal Ryan White recipient, which means we can provide low- to no-cost treatment and a variety of supports from case management to counseling.

Our teams of compassionate physicians, certified nurse practitioners and other medical professionals work with each patient to create an individualized treatment plan tailored to his or her lifestyle and needs. When you get care at Southwest Care Center for HIV, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality treatment offered anywhere in the country.

Southwest Care Center’s medical providers are HIV experts who also emphasize the importance of comprehensive primary care. Before beginning HIV therapy, you will talk to your Southwest Care Center HIV care team about goals of treatment, the variety of treatment options, the importance of adherence to medication, as well as any potential side effects. Our care team will work with you to identify the right treatment program for you.

Testing and treatment for HIV is available in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Roswell. Case management is also provided in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Farmington and Roswell in collaboration with our community partner Alianza

For testing and treatment of HIV, please call and schedule an appointment at (505) 988-8869.

HIV and COVID-19 Q & A

HIV Treatment Guidelines, Drug Database, and Glossary

clinicalinfo.HIV.gov is a website which ensures that health care providers, public health partners, researchers, people affected by HIV, and the general public continue to have access to the latest, federally-approved HIV clinical treatment and prevention guidelines as well as related tools and information about HIV-related research.

This new site features:

  • Guidelines: The federally approved medical practice (clinical) guidelines for HIV/AIDS are developed by panels of experts in HIV care. The guidelines are available in multiple formats. Future updates to the guidelines will be released on this site.
  • Glossary: The HIV glossary provides definitions of a broad range of HIV-related terms and offers an easily searchable interface.
  • Drug database: This searchable database helps users find information on FDA-approved HIV/AIDS and opportunistic infection drugs as well as investigational drugs for HIV treatment and prevention.

The clinical guidelines, drug database, and glossary will continue to be maintained by and reviewed by HIV experts at the NIH’s Office of AIDS Research (OAR).