Why is Pediatric Care for Children So Important?

Everyone wants what is best for their children, but sometimes in the complex world of healthcare it is hard to know what that is. Finding a pediatrician you can trust and sticking with them is important because when pediatricians get to know children as they age, they are better able to determine when something is a cause for concern versus what may be normal for a particular child. We pride ourselves on being a long-standing fixture in the Santa Fe community, and we cherish the hundreds of long-term relationships we’ve fostered with patients and families throughout the years.

Southwest Care Center’s skilled pediatricians are committed to providing family-friendly, whole-person care in a safe and friendly environment. This means that we are focused on what works for you and your family as well as making sure we address all your needs, whether they are physical, emotional, environmental or some combination of these. Our caring pediatricians, LPNs and nurse practitioners have decades of combined experience working with children. This means you can rest assured knowing your child is being seen by clinicians who are experienced in communicating with children and understanding the kind of health issues children typically experience.

If you believe like we do that children and families deserve to have regular healthcare tailored to suit their needs, please call us to set up an appointment at (505) 988-8869.

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Why Not Just Use Urgent Care?

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Unfortunately, many parents rely on urgent care clinics to treat their children. While urgent care can provide convenience, your child may be seen by a doctor who has never seen them before, has no relationship with you or your child and who doesn’t know your child’s medical history. At Southwest Care Center, we see children on a walk-in basis and offer same-day appointments. We score in the top 5% of clinics nationally on our ability to see patients within 15 minutes of their arrival. We can provide convenience and all the benefits of continuity of care for your child and the whole family through our commitment to Pediatrics and Family Medicine.

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Pediatric Services at Southwest Care Center Include

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Well-Child Visits

Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change, and kids need plenty of checkups to make sure they are developing in all areas of health – physical, emotional, social, etc. These checkups provide valuable health milestones, and making an appointment is as simple as making a phone call.

Sports physicals

In the sports medicine field, the sports physical exam (or preparticipation physical examination (PPE)) helps determine whether it’s safe for your child to participate in a certain sport. Our pediatricians will take time to discuss pros and cons with you and your child.


Our immunization services protect the health and well-being of our community by providing children protection against vaccine-preventable diseases. Our pediatricians understand that parents hear pros and cons about immunizations, that’s why our physicians take the time to educate parents and separate fact from fiction.


Pediatrics Resources

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Center for Disease Control’s: Vaccines & Immunizations

HealthyChildren.org: From the American Academy of Pediatrics

Sí, hablamos español! When was the last time your child left a doctor’s appointment smiling? To see what it’s like to experience family-friendly medicine call SCC today.

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