Support Services that Make a Difference

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At Southwest Care Center, we believe it is important to see the big picture when it comes to health. That is why we follow an integrated care model. We go beyond just traditional medical services to offer you a whole range of professional services to help restore your health and maintain your wellness. Our Support Services include:

We know that medicine is not a one-size-fits all proposition and that no two patients are alike. That’s why we have a range of professionals on-site at each clinic to address whatever it is that you need to live your heathiest life. For some people, that may just be the attention of a nurse or doctor, while for others it may include a counselor or case manager joining in to lend support. At SCC, whole-person healthcare is all about serving you.

If you believe like we do that healthcare is about so much more than just treating physical symptoms, call us today at 505.988.8869.

Behavioral health (Counseling, Psychiatry) at SCC may include receiving services directly from your doctor’s office or working with a behavioral health case manager to find a community provider that best meets your needs.

Case management services are available at each campus and can assist with navigating life areas like health insurance, access to food, home health services, and housing to name a few.

Outreach and prevention offers HIV and hepatitis C testing and education. We can also help you get connected with primary or specialty healthcare specific to your needs and wants.