Behavioral Health Services at Southwest Care Center

At Southwest Care Center, we believe in treating the whole person, which is why we follow an integrated-care model that provides primary care, behavioral health and social services all under one roof. As a result, each of our clinics has a licensed mental health counselor, case manager, and access to psychiatric support as well as the usual medical personnel available on-site.

It is becoming increasingly recognized as a best practice in health care today to find all these professionals together in one place ready to work together to bring you the highest-quality health care and the best possible health outcomes. Our behavioral health professionals work closely with our primary care team to provide comprehensive care which includes medication management, mental health counseling, and case management support. We provide these services to all patients at Southwest Care Center who are working with one of our primary care providers.

Mental Health Counseling

Southwest Care Center provides on-site counseling services at each of our clinic locations. All of our counselors are licensed professionals who understand confidentiality and patient privacy. Our counselors work with clients struggling with stress, difficult illnesses or diagnoses, trauma, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and other mental health challenges and conditions.

If you are a patient at Southwest Care Center, you can ask for counseling services at any of our locations or contact our Integrated Care Coordinator (See Below). Our mental health professionals are trained to be sensitive to the needs of the various diverse communities throughout Northern New Mexico and beyond.

Our Integrated Care Coordinator: Answering Your Behavioral Health Treatment Questions

“What does a psychotherapist do?”

“Will I have to take medication for my mental health?”

“What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?”

“How can a case manager help me?”

“How do I make my first appointment with a counselor?”

If you are an established patient with Southwest Care Center, please work with your care team to make an appointment for an initial visit with one of our counselors. If you are interested in becoming a patient at Southwest Care Center and receiving all of these benefits, please reach out to us at (505) 988-8869.