Southwest Care Celebrates 25 Years

2021 marks 25 years of Southwest Care providing health services to the people of New Mexico. Southwest Care was founded in 1996 as a clinic championing health care for people living with HIV/AIDS, researching the disease, and developing effective treatments. Since then, Southwest Care has expanded the scope of its services to meet the broad range of medial needs of the local Santa Fe and Albuquerque communities and fill the gaps of the broader New Mexico healthcare system.

In 2012, Southwest Care acquired an additional clinic site in Santa Fe, expanding its services to include adult primary care services. A year later, Southwest Care merged with another local health organization, Women’s Health and Family Medicine Services (WHS). In 2017 the Jefferson clinic opened, providing primary care, HIV, and Hepatitis C, behavioral health, and pharmacy services in Albuquerque. As a result, Southwest Care is now the healthcare provider of choice for an even greater number of economically, socially, and culturally vulnerable individuals and families.

As we’re celebrating 25th years of operation, we want to give special thanks the people who have shaped Southwest Care through those forming years and have announced their retirements. Juanita Thorne-Connerty, former board member and AID & Comfort Committee member, former board chair Mary Ann Schaening, and former CEO, Jeff Thomas. “Juanita, Mary Ann, and Jeff helped build a remarkable culture at Southwest Care instilling a heart of service and a desire for excellence. Their hard work and contributions will long be remembered here,” said Dr. Kris Drummond, Chief Executive Officer. “We’re excited to continue to grow this organization, protect its core values, and persistently deliver high-quality, affordable health care, behavioral health, and pharmacy services to our diverse New Mexico communities.”