Telehealth: Safe, Convenient & Secure

Phone & Video Visits From The Convenience Of Your Home

Telehealth visits are done by phone and secure video conference, and are offered at no extra charge. Interact directly with your physician, discuss concerns and receiving medical direction from your home—no need to travel or sit in waiting rooms. Telehealth visits are safe, secure, and in full compliance with federal HIPAA and state privacy regulations. Services include:

  • On-going health condition management, such as diabetes or high blood pressure
  • New health concerns
  • Lab or other diagnostic orders
  • Behavioral health concerns, including anxiety and depression

If your needs require an in-person examination, we will arrange for you to be safely seen at one of our clinics.

All you need is a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to get started.

Appointment notifications are sent via email or text from number 83280. Simply enter your date of birth to connect to your visit. We will guide you through completing consent forms and uploading insurance cards and IDs.


To Schedule An Appointment
Call (505) 955 9454

You can also submit an appointment request
through your patient portal.

Convenient, On-site Pharmacies

Our pharmacies are located right at our clinics. Curbside pickup available!

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