Your Health Is Our Priority

We understand this is a difficult time and want you to be aware of some of the steps we have taken for you and your family so you can keep up with your visits and medical care in a safe and effective way during the coronavirus pandemic.  We are now offering telemedicine visits to all patients. These visits can be done by phone or a secure video conferencing connection so you can see your provider.  There is no extra charge for this service.  We can provide almost everything you need via telemedicine, including medication refills, orders for necessary lab tests, management of your health concerns, and check ins to see how you are doing.  If your needs are better met in person, we can arrange for that too!  Our clinics are open 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday.  We do not want you to go without medical care and have appointments available for your needs now.

In addition to medical services, we have a team of behavioral health specialists available to help you learn extra skills to manage symptoms of stress, anxiety, or depression you may be experiencing.  We also have a team of case managers who can help you navigate financial and insurance concerns.  Our pharmacies are also offering special services such as home delivery to make getting your medications safe and on time so you don’t go without necessary medications.

If you are sick with respiratory symptoms that might be coronavirus or another infection, we have a dedicated “respiratory clinic” where you can be seen the same or next day for testing and be seen in person by one of our medical providers.

Please call our call center at 505-955-9454 to schedule an appointment for your routine health care or if you are sick and need to be seen.  We want to know how you are doing and we are here to help!