What should you do if you get a positive Covid test?

Southwest Care is dedicated to being an information source for our patients as well as providing affordable, high-quality, and judgment-free health care services. We know how stressful getting a positive Covid test can be and many of our patients don’t know what they should do first. We’re here to help!

What should you do if you get a positive Covid test?

If you receive a positive Covid test, the first thing to do is remain calm and take immediate action to prevent the spread of the virus. It is important to also take immediate steps to take care of your health before the symptoms get worse. Here is a checklist you can refer to if you test positive for Covid. 

  1. If you have received a positive Covid test, you should immediately self-isolate from the public and others in your home for at least 5 days. This means staying in a separate room, away from other people in your household, and using a separate bathroom if possible. Wear a mask, practice good hand hygiene, and keep your distance from others in your home to protect their health.
  2. You should notify anyone with whom you have been in close contact over the past few days that you have tested positive for Covid so they can take steps to get tested and isolate themselves if necessary.
  3. Covid-19 can cause a range of symptoms, from mild to severe. It is important to monitor your symptoms closely and seek medical attention if they worsen. If you develop difficulty breathing, persistent pain or pressure in your chest, confusion, or bluish lips or face, seek immediate medical attention.
  4. Be sure to take care of yourself. Get lots of rest, drink plenty of fluids, and take over-the-counter medication to relieve your symptoms as needed.

Keep in mind that testing positive for COVID-19 does not mean you will experience severe symptoms or complications, but it is important to take action to protect yourself and others.

It is also important to stay informed since Covid-19 research is still ongoing and we are gaining a better understanding of the disease all the time. Learn more about current Covid-19 regulations and research here.

How to tell if your Covid test is a false positive?

If you’ve received a positive Covid test result, it’s natural to wonder if it’s a false positive Covid test. While false positives are relatively rare, they can occur for a variety of reasons. There are some steps you can take to determine whether your Covid test result is a false positive.

First step is knowing how Covid tests work. This can help you interpret your results. There are two main types of Covid tests: molecular tests and antigen tests. Molecular tests are considered the gold standard and are more accurate. Antigen tests are less sensitive and can produce false positives. If you are using an at-home test, it is most likely an antigen test. 

If you are experiencing typical symptoms of Covid, a positive test result is more likely to be accurate than a false positive. However, it’s also possible to be asymptomatic and still test positive.

If you’re concerned about a false positive result, take another one or visit us here at Southwest Care to be tested again. A retest can help confirm whether the first result was accurate or not.


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Southwest Care COVID-19 Procedures

  • One accompanying adult is permitted for pediatric patients and those requiring physical assistance.
  • Drivers, family, and friends should wait in their vehicles unless their presence is necessary and approved.
  • Masks are required as we are a healthcare facility. If you don’t have a mask, a surgical mask will be provided to you.